What are Chakras Part 4: Anahata

When we are born, we enter this world with open hearts – free of judgement and misguidance and we LOVE so freely! But as time goes by we are conditioned or traumatic events change and disrupt the way we carry ourselves. Beyond our innocent years, we may find ourselves in a romantic relationship feeling more alone, vulnerable and detached from our true selves. These are known as heart blocks, which grow over time and disrupt our once balanced Anahata Chakra. This week we will be learning about the Anahata (Heart Chakra) which is associated with love, warmth and compassion. The fourth chakra is a powerful bridge between the upper and lower chakras and healing.

Anahata (The Heart Chakra)

Vayu Mudra Anahata Heart ChakraBeing the heart chakra, it goes without saying that this chakra is located in the centre of the chest above the physical heart itself. The heart chakra represents the ability to love ourselves and others, our compassion to others, joy and inner peace.

Symptoms of an Unbalanced Heart Chakra

  • This chakra affects the heart, lungs, chest and arm area (poor circulation, high or low blood pressure and even heart and lung conditions may arise
  • Lung problems (asthma, pneumonia), lower and upper back pain,
  • Mental blocks, change in behaviour, feeling unworthy and an inability to trust others.
  • Apathetic, unforgiving and detached


Feelings of love, joy, inner peace and gratitude should be your daily mantra, but along the way we tend to get side-tracked by the negative aspects that hold us down in life. Affirmations such as “I choose joy”, “I love myself”, “I forgive others”, “my heart is free” and “I am grateful for all of my blessings” are just some of the affirming statements you could use to help with your Anahata chakra.


  • Visualise a flame in the middle of your chest, a burning so bright that you can see the bright orange flames. Watch this fire grow inside you and expand just as your heart expands when you love, give and receive. Do you feel that warmth and harmony you have unleashed within yourself?
  • Visualise that you love everyone around you, even those that you may dislike. Melt all hatred away and fill your enemies with love for you as well.


Vayu Mudra Anahata Heart Chakra

Include a well-balanced diet consisting of green foods. These could be fresh leafy vegetables to a refreshing cup of green tea. Spinach, avocado, kiwi, cucumbers and other green veggies really boost the energy for this chakra and help with the healing process.



Essential oils help with all chakra healing and therefore make them a very powerful therapy. These essential oils help open your heart chakra:

  • Rose: Appropriate because the “rose” is known as the flower of love and is one of the most loved scents around.
  • Sandalwood: This earthy floral scent awakens your sensuality and opens you up to love.
  • Jasmine: Heightens passion and and boosts your sensuality.
  • Cedar wood: Helps you feel safe because this woody aroma calms you and gives you mental clarity.

Chakra Mudra

Vayu Mudra Anahata Heart CHakraBecause Anahata is associated with air, the mediation sequence performed is the normal mediation posture followed by folding your index finger to the base of the thumb. The thumb then presses gently onto the index finger whilst all three other fingers remain straight.

Your back should remain straight, your head balanced evenly and your eyes closed.

Visualisations of flowing air or sitting outside or near a window can help with you being fully immersed into this Vayu Mudra meditation.

During this time, focus on releasing all pain, anger, negative emotions and guilt. By letting go, you can imagine your negative emotions being cast away, the element of air blowing it further and further away, thereby liberating you of your baggage and feeling light as a feather.

Chanting the “YAM” mantra will help heal both the physical heart and the spiritual (emotional) heart centre. Open yourself up to unconditional love and compassion.

Healing with Nature

As mentioned earlier, being outdoors can play a huge part in your healing of the Anahata chakra. Being out on a sunny day, the blue sky, a gentle breeze and open space can have a very calming affect which will help you embrace your spirituality and be open to absorb love and joy in the most beautiful tranquil way.

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