October Specials

Unfortunately, this promotion ended on 31/10/2016. Please check the Specials Page for other specials and promotions.

Promo Date

03/10/2016 - 31/10/2016
Service Category :

30 Minute Massages for R100 (R50 off)


Back, Head, Face, Feet, Hands etc.

30 Minute Infrared Jade Crystal Massage R100 (R100 off)

jade 1

Infrared Jade Crystal Massage – relieves pain, increases energy, improves blood circulation, lowers pressure, removes toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system and promotes general well being.

90 Minute Full Body Massages for R300 (R100 off)


Rei Massage РConcentrates on calming your body; channels energy flow in our bodies to tackle and relieve pain and discomfort; relaxes & reduces stress.


Pregnancy Massage – provides relief from back pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, aching feet, joint pain, sciatica, anxiety and depression.

60 Minute Baby Massage for R100 (R100 off)

Three month baby girl is receiving back massage from a female massage therapist

Baby Massage promotes better sleep, helps move trapped wind and waste in the right direction, releases lower back tension and strengthens babies immune system!

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