Sh’zen Natural Essence™ Pack – 6 Products


Clean skin twice daily with the Purifying Cleansing Wash, then refresh skin with the Balancing Toner. Apply the Day Cream SPF 30 for protection and long-lasting moisture. Massage in the Skin Life Oil for extra nourishment and to restore health and balance to the skin.

Use the Rescue Clay Mask twice a week to help clear skin and keep it soft and radiant.

Use the Clearing Lotion directly on pimples to clear up breakouts fast. Apply as often and regularly as needed.


The Natural Essence™ range relies on the restorative action of Bergamot, Camphor, Cypress, Grapefruit and Lavender essential oils to calm, purify and rebalance problem skin. Together the products provide the perfect everyday care for anyone with oily, combination or hormonal skin.

The Purifying Cleansing Wash (125ml) thoroughly cleanses skin without stripping it of essential moisture.

The Balancing Toner (125ml) completes the cleansing routine and helps to clarify skin while its zesty scent uplifts the senses.

Aloe Ferox and Jojoba oils in the Matifying Day Cream (50ml) leave skin soft and protected without increasing oiliness, while the Natural Essence™ essentials stabilise sebum production and detoxify skin.

The Skin Life Oil (30ml) is an elixir of 100% pure plant essences that work to repair and rebalance skin.

The Rescue Clay Mask (75ml) contains Kaolin, which absorbs excess oil and provides mild exfoliation to deep clean oily skin and leave it calm, comforted and visibly improved.

The Clearing Lotion (30ml) provides fast-acting relief from breakouts and is a must for acne-prone teenagers. It contains Calamine and Salicylic acid to dry up spots, as well as purifying and sebo-regulating essential oils that help to prevent further eruptions.


Bergamot helps to regulate sebum output, plus it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties to help fight the bacteria that cause spots to spread.

Camphor is a strong decongestant, ideal for clearing out blocked pores, plus its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful in treating the inflammation associated with acne.

Cypress is an astringent and works to stabilise sebaceous secretions, plus strengthen connective tissue.

Grapefruit has antiseptic qualities that help treat bacterial infection and clear congested pores.

Lavender helps to heal damaged skin and prevent scarring. It also stimulates the lymph system, tones and revitalises skin and helps to prevent blocked pores.

Aloe Ferox actively heals skin while providing deep hydration.

Jojoba moisturises and softens the epidermis without leaving an oily residue.


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